Client: Evivo

The first and only clinically-proven probiotic for babies.

Evivo Future Starts Now Creative


Having been in market for just six months, Evivo baby probiotic uncovered an insight. First and second-time moms responded very differently to the brand. Those with experience were receptive to the symptomatic relief a baby probiotic can provide. First-time moms found mentioning symptomatic conditions such as colic and diaper rash as scary and unnerving.

The two audiences require different communication. But as a startup with limited marketing funds, Evivo did not have the budget to market two entirely separate campaigns.

Strategic Solution

Evivo’s primary point of differentiation from other baby probiotics is its ability to restore the infant gut with good bacteria. Bacteria that enables proper immune and metabolic development, thus setting baby up for life-long health.

Armed with the consumer insight that moms want to give their babies an edge in life, a shift in messaging from the here-and-now reality of mom’s life with a new baby, to one focused on baby’s future was developed. In addition, less dramatic visuals were introduced, lightening the tone as the brand delved further into highly proactive health matters.

The Future Starts Now campaign launched in digital advertising and social media, with additional support from influencers and website.


Future Starts Now Webpage Creative

Digital Display

Evivo Future Starts Now Display Creative
Evivo Future Starts Now Display Creative



The new campaign was targeted to the same audience as the original moms with a baby 6 months or younger. However, results indicate both target groups – first-time moms and experienced moms – found the refreshed messaging to be resonant:

  • Sales increased 20%+ week-over-week for the six months following the unveiling of the new campaign
  • Consumer reviews from first time moms increased 40%, while experienced mom reviews paced equivalently to the pre-refresh timeframe
  • Social media engagement nearly doubled after introducing the new campaign