Client: Daytrip

Natural, premium CBD beverages that delight the senses and open the mind to new possibilities.



Daytrip is a new CBD- Infused Sparkling Water Brand that launched in Summer 2019. E29 was hired by Daytrip to launch the brand and ensure Daytrip gained broad scale awareness quickly, as this was paramount to early success in a very competitive market. However, navigating the category’s legal limitations in terms of national marketing of CBD beverages proved challenging.

Strategic Solution

Due to the fact that there are very few marketing tactics that can be used to support CBD, it was critical to develop a laser-focused strategic plan to maximize budget on legally approved tactics. E29 led a deep dive into consumer insights and media habits, so as to target the right person in the right frame of mind. Gain broad-reach with a geo-targeted digital media plan placing media contextually and against specific audience interests. Additionally, to ensure that the brand capitalized on all search queries in the category, we developed a strategic SEM campaign was created against top performing keywords. The creative content was developed to appeal to California frame of mind and feeling of “taking a daytrip”. Lastly, create a personal connection with consumers through multiple email campaigns.


  • Development of insight-driven creative content and advertising
  • Launched with geo-targeted digital display advertising
  • SEM campaigns
  • Strategic development of CRM cadence and implementation

Digital Display

CBD Digital Display Ad on iPhone Device
CBD Digital Display Ad on iPhone Device
CBD Digital Display Ad on iPhone Device

Paid Search

CBD Brand Google Paid Search


CBD Reminder Email


DayTrip Creative Ad 1
DayTrip Creative Ad 3
DayTrip Creative Ad 2
DayTrip Creative Ad 4


During the program’s first 3-months:

  • Median CTR well above industry average: 0.06%
  • Digital display drove over 8% of all eComm sales
  • 1/3 of all site traffic coming to site via Paid Search
  • CRM drove 1% of all eComm conversions
  • Over 40MM total impressions from digital display, paid search, influencers and PR