Whether it’s owned, earned or paid, all of your social media marketing can drive brand growth.

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What's Needed For a Best In Class Social Media Marketing Strategy

Channel Selection

Where are your customers? What about your competitors? Should you be in all of those places too? We can solve these uncertainties for you, and in doing so, advance your social media marketing.

Content Strategy

Getting the most out of your social media marketing requires a plan. Knowing what you’re going to create and why, then masterfully sharing those stories, is essential. E29 can guide you through the content strategy process, manage it entirely for you, or evolve your current approach.

Content Creation

While channel selection is the where, and content strategy is the what and why of social media marketing, content creation is the how. Whether it’s finding your voice, creating an infographic, or producing a video series, E29’s highly talented team of writers and designers can deliver quality content that expresses your brand. Quality being the key to gaining the greatest benefit from your social content. 

Community Management

Engaged customers make the best customers. They’ll help you create your best products, and quite often promote them for you too. You may not have the resources internally to listen to, consider what’s best for, then determine how to deliver value to your social communities. Let E29 do the work for you. Community management is one of the specialties our social media marketing services encompasses.

Social Advertising

If you’re not sure how to amplify your social media marketing and content, what to pay for it, measure its effectiveness, or optimize it for maximum impact, we’d be delighted to show you the ropes, or manage your paid social in its entirety.

Earned Social Media

Are you driving engagement and conversation among your brand advocates and influencers? Are you leveraging the content created by them to aid in telling your brand story and furthering your social media marketing efforts? We’d welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our thinking on how to incorporate earned media into your social strategy.