Client: Evivo

The first and only clinically-proven probiotic for babies.


Setting a startup brand up for success in Year 2.

With a year’s worth of learning, the revolutionary infant probiotic, Evivo needed refinements and a defined roadmap for success.

Evolve Biosystems, makers of the revolutionary infant probiotic, Evivo, have a complex story to tell new moms. Breakthroughs in science proved with the advent of certain modern medical practices (antibiotics, C-sections), most First World mothers were no longer passing B.infantis (a good bacteria) along to their baby, which is critical to an infant’s developing immune and metabolic systems. Evivo however could restore this missing good bacteria in baby’s gut, and set baby up for life-long health, a key differentiator from other infant probiotics that simply treat current digestive symptoms (colic, etc.).

In addition to communicating the scientific distinctions of the product, Evivo also had to overcome the doubt many new mothers have regarding the need for a probiotic in the first place (my baby is healthy and growing, why would she need to take anything), as well as prove it was doing something for baby (immediately).

And to top it off, Evivo was a completely unknown brand – a brand that’s entire identity had to built from the ground up.

E29 Marketing’s challenge for year two was to strengthen the brand’s positioning within the marketplace and develop a brand architecture. This brand architecture would help inform all touchpoints for the brand including internal and external messaging, advertising and brand guidelines.

Brand Guidelines

Evivo Brand Guidelines
Evivo Brand Guidelines Image 2
Evivo Brand Guidelines Image 3
Evivo Brand Guidelines Image 4
Evivo Brand Guidelines Image 5

Strategic Solution

A series of comprehensive workshops were conducted to identify internal drivers (vision, values and belief), brand personality (behavior, look and voice) and external proposition (consumer insight, core offer and RTBs). Through these workshops, E29 worked with the brand team to map out research needs to validate consumer insights. We also worked to further identify and segment our target to better reach and thus convert interest into sales.

The resulting revised architecture helped refine our messaging and brand cues, including a new digital and social brand campaign, “Future Starts Now.” This campaign was complemented by a grass roots “Real Mom Reviews” campaign using the incredible organic testimonials given by moms with product success stories.

Guiding the digital and social creative development was updating the brand guidelines, ensuring streamlined communication and visual representation. Brand cues, graphics, color, typography and photography. This guide is used internally and by all partner agencies.


Evivo Website Screenshots


With week over week sales growth, E29 Marketing took year one learnings to the next level in year two with continued monthly success.

Eighteen months post-launch we’ve seen:

  • 1,600,000,000+ Impressions
  • 1,400,000+ Web Sessions
  • 4,500 Coupon codes redeemed
  • 1,400+ Consumer reviews received
  • 21% Average month-over-month sales increase*

*Most current 6 months only (to adjust for inflated results if shown from launch)