Client: Olli Salumeria

Creating a brand to elevate awareness & U.S. purchase preference

2023 MARCOM Platinum Winner

Brand Launch Advertising Campaign

Integrated Ad Campaign

Promotional & Branding


Olli Salumeria, a fourth-generation, premium Italian salami brand known for authentic flavors and quality, had been around for more than 10 years, and was well respected within the category; but, consumer awareness, and thus purchase preference amongst Americans was low.

The brand was gaining distribution among retail customers nationally, but needed a north-star brand strategy and unified voice to drive the business forward.

Strategic Solution

E29 developed the Olli brand, including:

  • The brand architecture with strategic pillars containing the brand promise, taglines, benefits language, and calls to action
  • Imagery and designs including logo, brand color, fonts, and icons usage
  • A photography style guide for both products and lifestyle moments
  • An integrated marketing plan was also developed and executed in order to strategically serve the campaign up through a mix of targeted media vehicles that would reach consumers along their entire path to purchase.

Brand Promise

Savor what’s real. Savor what’s special. Savor what matters.

For Olli Salumeria, it starts with real flavors. Authentic fourth-generation Italian recipes crafted from the purest ingredients: 100% vegetarian-fed pork, no antibiotics, and no added nitrates. Ever. The results are mouth-watering meats worth slowing down to appreciate and share. And Olli serves up these traditional, time-honored flavors with ease and convenience, so you can enjoy more of the moments with those you love.

Enjoying life means slowing down to savor real flavors and moments,
each extraordinarily delicious with Olli.

New Branding

Campaign Strategy

  • Geo Target all media around stores that sell Olli products
  • Increase brand awareness by capturing competitive market share and purchase intent, utilizing a full mix of media channels
  • Utilize seasonal pulses to drive specific products while maintaining an always-on media presence to promote the core line of products

Creative Campaign

Digital Display

Promoted Social

Organic Social

Olli Salumeria

Paid Search & PMAX

RMNs: Instacart & Amazon Fresh

Influencer Collaboration



Within 6 months of launch:

6 media channels activated, geo-targeted around ~7K stores nationally

~600M impressions delivered via digital channels

35M+ earned media impressions from PR

100K web visits to from trackable media

700% increased engagement rate across all social media channels