Client: Evolve

Solving dysbiosis of the newborn gut microbiome.

Evolve Social Creative


Evolve BioSystems launched in 2017 with a primary objective of building awareness for the Evolve brand and positioning the company as an industry leader in the science of the gut microbiome.

Moving into FY ’18/19, the primary objective for Evolve shifted to focus on driving sales of Evivo, the first and only infant probiotic clinically proven to repopulate baby’s gut with B. infantis. This change in objectives required a shift in strategy and overall approach to how Evolve behaved across social media.

Given the shift of objectives, E29 was asked to audit Evolve’s social media platforms to asses what was working, make recommendations for future activity, and outline a new strategic approach.


Evolve Creative Mockup Twitter
Evolve Social Ad Mockup
Evolve Social Ad Mockup
Evolve Social Ad Mockup


E29 assessed Evolve’s social presence on LinkedIn and Twitter and determined there was an opportunity to make a strategic shift. Instead of only using Evolve social pages to speak to medical professionals, E29 recommended including select content targeted to consumers, thus using Evolve’s expertise in the gut microbiome space to further credential Evivo.

Furthermore, E29 recommended using Evolve’s social platforms to drive additional website sessions and conversions for Evivo by directing traffic to the Evivo website.


Without the support of paid media, E29 was able to organically grow the follower count on Evolve’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages by 63% and 43% respectively.

Additionally, E29 was able to help drive 344 incremental sessions on the Evivo website.