Client: Evivo

The first and only clinically-proven probiotic for babies.


Evivo is a clinically-proven probiotic uniquely designed for babies. Born from over a decade of research at the University of California Davis, probiotics for babies and the importance of baby gut health was relatively unknown. And this was the perfect challenge for an influencer case study.

In order to drive awareness and trial of the parade category brand, Evivo needed to translate the science in a consumer-friendly way. They needed to educate parents on the benefits of Evivo for their newborn as well as share the reasons why a baby may need a probiotic in the first place.

Because of the brand’s low awareness and cost compared to the competition, as well as the age of the end-user, Evivo required authentic third-party endorsements. Through research, E29 found that moms often looked to their family and friends as well as other moms for this credentialing. And this was a key insight.

Baby Next to Evivo Probiotic Product
Image of Evivo Baby Probiotic Starter Kit

Strategic Solution

E29 Marketing established an always-on influencer initiative to provide authentic third-party endorsements.  Through a focused selection criteria over a two-year period, we’ve optimized towards activating new and repeat micro influencers with established Instagram and blogs that complimented the Evivo brand.

Influencers created authentic narratives, #MyEvivoStory on their blog, Instagram feed and Instagram story as well as other social platforms as well as offering their readers Evivo coupons. They shared original photography and content of the product, themselves and their babies. The brand was able to use these in social, website and display advertising.  

E29 further amplified the influencers’ voices by activating social ads using the influencers’ handles, utilizing lookalike audiences and retargeting tactics while testing messaging and objectives to aid in optimizations of other marketing activities.  

In summary, the influencer initiative was paramount in providing learning as well as playing a key role in the larger overall integrated marketing plan. 

Influencers Activated

Program 1:

February Fox

Program 2:

Feminin in Denim

Baby Gut Health 101: What Your Need to Know

Program 3:

Tiffany Anne

Program 4:

Busy Being Sasha

Evivo Influencer


Evivo Influencer post
Evivo Influencer post


How to support baby's gut health after antibiotics
How to support baby's gut health after antibiotics
How to support baby's gut health after antibiotics



From August 2019 through August 2020 we executed four influencer programs delivering:

  • 41 activated influences
  • 19,077,303 potential organic impressions
  • 1,192,813 white-listed paid social impressions
  • 5,782 organic clicks
  • 236 posts
  • 39,981 organic engagements
  • 4.41% white-listed paid social ave CTR
  • 60,841 white-listed paid social clicks
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS) for the program broke even at 1:1