E29 Ebook SEO Marketing

Overview: So You Think You Know SEO? Think Again.

Search Engine Optimization is about getting a good ranking for your website with several key terms that people are looking for on search engines. This sounds simple enough, but there are several elements that create a page with a strong ranking. (Spoiler Alert: We’ll be looking at those in this ebook.)

For example, anyone can get a #1 ranking for a keyword search term that no-one is looking for. That’s easy. What’s challenging is finding ways to get on page 1 of search results for keywords that many people are searching for.

Say you are a company doing research on antibiotic resistance. You get a call from an SEO firm. We’ll call them SEO Gurus for fun. They tell you they can get your company on page 1 of the search listings. You’re excited because you know how much traffic that will provide.

But wait! What they didn’t tell you is that the search term they will get you a page 1 listing for is “antibiotic resistance dataset.” Well you think, that’s still something we offer, so we would be happy with the page 1 ranking. Hold on! Let’s take a look at how many people are searching for that keyword.

What you see just below the search query in Google is the following:
1. Volume is the number of times this phrase is searched per month in the U.S.
2. CPC is the cost you would pay to advertise on this term
3. Competition indicates how many other competitors there are for the term

Example in SEO Ebook
Now, what do you think? That’s right, the SEO Gurus aren’t looking that great anymore and you’ve now signed up for a 6-month contract with them that you can’t get out of. Don’t do it. Call E29 Marketing first and we’ll explain everything in detail and guide you on all your options.

Your next question: How do I get a page 1 ranking on Google? By doing keyword research, understanding what search engines are looking for, promoting the website on other marketing channels and being strategic about on-page and off-page SEO.

Sounds good, yes? Let’s learn some more!