Our Rockstar Ensemble

Our team is the essence of E29 Marketing. Having worked with leading brands and top-tier agencies across the country, our multi-disciplined team of employees and consultants consistently delivers results for our clients.

We love what we do and it shows in our exceptional work.

Amie Stanley

Terra Chamberlin

Annabelle Fuentes

Carol Maggio

Shantelle Wasag

Suse Barnes

Sandy Chase

Stephani Wirth

Vina Vieira

Jessica Burnham

Jihan Reksodiputro

Rich McClellan

Morgan Lee

Amy Buchanan

Josefina Duarte

Jim Lenskold

Elizabeth Zupkow

Lauren Fahey

Nancy Hulme

Paul Marran

David Rothkopf



GROUNDED in what matters

COMMITTED to our clients, our team and our communities

TENACIOUS in everything we do

RESPECTFUL of everyone and our process

PERFORM with positive energy and enthusiasm


After co-owning several successful agencies, a turn of unexpected events propelled me into starting my own shop. So when thinking about a name for my new company, I knew I wanted it to be unique and memorable, but also have deep personal meaning. My passion for advertising began as far back as I can remember, and that took me back to my roots.

Growing up on a farm in the heartland of Iowa I learned the value of a hard-work ethic, respect, integrity, determination and community; everything I wanted to be at the foundation of my new company. And thankfully my parents taught me to “dream big and work hard” because that’s what it takes to start your own firm.

A central part of my childhood was E29, a bustling, two-lane highway that ran through the middle my family’s farm. E29 was the link to our neighbors, my grandparents, cousins, friends, our town, our state and my future beyond. The perfect name for my agency was born.  

In the last 25+ years I’ve lived in remarkable cities like Chicago, New York, Seattle, San Francisco (twice), Denver, and San Diego (yes, I really lived in all these cities!!). Working with businesses big and small, I gained a deep respect for innovation, entrepreneurism, diversity and creativity. These experiences, and the values of my upbringing that became foundational to the agency’s practices, aid in really setting E29 Marketing apart and gives us the ability to deliver exceptional work on all levels.

Plus, I’ve always loved names with a number… don’t you?!


Amie Stanley, Founder & CEO

Roadsign E29 Story County, inspiration for E29 Marketing's name