By blending strategic thinking, tactical expertise, and extensive analytics, we help brand and sales teams succeed in the digital age of Shopper Marketing.

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The Complete Shopper Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age

Omnichannel Solutions

Shopping is ubiquitous. Your shopper marketing efforts should be as well so the experience with your brand is consistent, and you’re able to convert anytime, anywhere. At E29 we believe all channels should work with in harmony so your brand’s sales can reach maximum potential.

Loyalty Programs

Is it time for your brand to begin adopting loyalty as part of the shopper marketing mix? With the right blend of creativity, strategy, and technology, the challenges of establishing your own loyalty program are surmountable. Let us demonstrate how.

In & Out of Store Media

From planning, negotiating, buying and optimizing, to creative development, auditing and performance analysis, E29 can manage your shopper marketing media needs.

Market Activation

A plan is just that until it’s put into action. Our seasoned team of shopper marketing experts know how to get it done. Whether you’re simply in need of a consultation, or looking for an extension of your existing resources, E29 is here to help.


Are you looking to connect with another brand? Or maybe a new, less traditional outlet? Today, shopper marketing partnerships are infinite, and exploring which make the most sense for your brand can be an immense undertaking. We can provide the needed assistance, as researching, negotiating and forming strategic alliances is one of our favorite responsibilities.


If you’re not yet selling direct to your consumers, you may want to consider adding this strategy to your shopper marketing arsenal, as DTC looks to be one of the primary sources for brands to grow given today’s on-demand culture. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your move into DTC, or aid in honing your current DTC experience.